testing python 3.9.0rc2

python 3.9 GA is comming

As python 3.9 GA is expected to be released today:

3.9.0 final: Monday, 2020-10-05

this is the final call to start tesing rc version.

  • How to do it?
  • How smoothly create testing env?

Long way

Of course you can:

  1. donwload source code
  2. untar source code
  3. compile
  4. set environment
  5. write code
  6. test new features

There is better option for python


$ docker pull python:3.9.0rc2-buster
3.9.0rc2-buster: Pulling from library/python
57df1a1f1ad8: Pull complete 
71e126169501: Pull complete 
1af28a55c3f3: Pull complete 
03f1c9932170: Pull complete 
65b3db15f518: Pull complete 
3e3b8947ed83: Pull complete 
8df837c06a7b: Pull complete 
2a8358afb191: Pull complete 
8689a0a03977: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:f408cb42e8ffc4d4faa15eaa7f79bff7f289e3d1802ee738738be06de5b7f60f
Status: Downloaded newer image for python:3.9.0rc2-buster


$ docker run -it --rm python:3.9.0rc2-buster bash
root@e7c1bfd0e95c:/# python -V
Python 3.9.0rc2

Yeaahh, we have interpreter for our testing purposes.

  • this is really fast
  • this is sandbox, so rc version does not interfere with our working stable env

but there are few disadventages

  • you need to install editor inside docker container (or build image with editor preinstalled)
  • or mount volumes during the callig docker run

More info

Docker Hub

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